Sean Frasure
Geometric Music
Geometric Music Production.
Sierra PvP
Minecraft PvP server Sierra PvP digital design.
Minecraft Server Hosting Platform digital design.
Website Design
$5 - $750 USD
Graphic Design
$0.50 - $250 USD
Buisness Branding
$5 - $5,000 USD
I am a digitial artist. I focus on web design, graphic design, and music. In web design, I specialize in CSS, and user experience. In graphic design, I mainly use Adobe Illustrator™ and specialize in 2D, flat, and material design. I make logos, icons, merchandise design, buisness branding, and more. In audio and music, I use FL Studio™. I am looking for a part time freelance job in these fields, and am seeking more experience to add to my portfolio, and résumé.